Wednesday, June 28, 2017

U-N-I update on posts

- Diameter - Online Charging Systems (OCS)- Big / Fresh / Deep - Data : Huaewi overview- Hot technologies to know about- ARP.pcap- bgp.pcap- https.pcap- ICMP-ARP-OpenFlow1.0.pcap- ICMP-DHCP-DNS.pcap- Russians target Telegram App- Wireshark- Protocols Relevant to U-N-I- Industrial Networks Hit By WannaCry- IM Telegram Replay Attack - Android- Whisper Signal WhatsApp- Subpico Intelligent Appication

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Update - HERREVAD Databases Geo Location Artefacts

Back in February 2017 I wrote an article relevant to "HERREVAD Databases Geo Location Artefacts" (